Advocately is Now a G2 Company!

We're excited to announce that Advocately has joined the G2 Family to help build the world's best B2B review management platform.

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Generating customer reviews is the most effective way to increase sales

That said, getting new customer reviews every week can be hard. Really hard. We built Advocately to automate the process of asking your happiest customers to write reviews.

Patrick Barnes, Founder and CEO of
Patrick Barnes

Founder and CEO of Advocately

How to collect five star reviews

Collect more authentic customer reviews every week

Automate review generation campaigns via email and print.

Multiply review volume on G2 Crowd, Capterra, Facebook, Google and any industry specific review sites relevant to your business.

Control your reputation with a process that will catch unhappy customers before they review.

How to automate the review process

Analytics and Reporting for online reviews

Evaluate review velocity across different listings. Analyse trends in the content of your customer reviews. Estimate the ROI of reviews for your business.

Reporting on Customer Reviews

Track and respond

Collect reviews from all of your listings into one central dashboard.

Notify your team of reviews via email, SMS or Slack.

Respond to your reviews via email or directly on the review site.

Browser How to track customer reviews across multiple channels

Boost search engine rankings to increase sales

Generate recent, relevant and unique content that search engines love.

Search engines prioritize content that is - Recently created - Relevant - Unique

This is where customer reviews shine!
Your customers are your new content marketing machine.

Browser Customer reviews will boost your SEO

Increase the impact of reviews on your sales.

Automatically post positive reviews as compelling social media content.

Post customer reviews in SEO-friendly markup on your website to drive search visibility.

Shar online to show social proof on your website and sales channels

Amplify the Voice of the Customer with Social publishing