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4 quick tips to get more happy customers

Having happy customers make everything else just a little bit easier. I just wanted to give you a couple quick tips on how you can start making a few of your customers just a little bit happier. Invite their coworkers Consider this a mini-ref...
4 minutes

Our Top 5 “Beginner’s guide to NPS” posts

Net Promoter Score surveys have been around since 2003 - but in the last 3 or 4 years, it seems to have exploded in popularity as companies are focussing more on customer success and retaining their existing customers. NPS is an important part of...
7 minutes

Announcing the Review Monitor for Slack

We're announcing our first free marketing tool today! Review Monitor for Slack will the first of many tools to help manage your reputation online. Review Monitor is an online tool that tracks B2B reviews about your company (and your competitor...
1 minute

How often should I run NPS?

We’ve spoken to a lot of companies about NPS and one of the recurring issues that we hear is that people don't know how often to run NPS surveys. Many companies treat it as a static survey; every six months, they send it out to their entire user ...
2 minutes

NPS: FAQ when getting started

Regardless of whether you run NPS monthly, quarterly or yearly, in-app or via email, or even by going door-to-door and asking your customers in person, the most important thing you can do before, during and after your survey is to provide your use...
5 minutes