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New Feature: Turn Intercom Conversation Ratings into Reviews 😍 > 🌟

We're excited to announce that you can now turn Intercom Conversation Ratings into Reviews! Intercom Conversation Ratings allow your customers (not leads) to rate their support experience with emojis: ![Intercom Conversation Rating](https://ww...
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Turning 😍 into reviews

Turning 😍 into reviews

Reviews are playing an important role in the overall acquisition and retention strategy of a lot of SaaS companies, and at TravelPerk this isn’t any different. Every single day we make it our mission to delight our customers, and they return us t...
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Driving online Reviews with SatisMeter and Advocately

Driving online Reviews with SatisMeter and Advocately

One of the key business values of Advocately for our SaaS customers is being able to ask the right customer to write you a review at the right time. A few examples of review platforms that Advocately work with include Capterra, G2 Crowd, Shopify ...
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4 quick tips to get more happy customers

Having happy customers makes everything else just a little bit easier. I just wanted to give you a couple quick tips on how you can start making a few of your customers just a little bit happier. Invite their coworkers Consider this a mini-re...
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Our Top 5 “Beginner’s guide to NPS®” posts

Our Top 5 “Beginner’s guide to NPS®” posts

Net Promoter Score surveys have been around since 2003 - but in the last 3 or 4 years, it seems to have exploded in popularity as companies are focussing more on customer success and retaining their existing customers. NPS® is an important part o...
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