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Top 3 Tips to increase your Capterra ROI

Top 3 Tips to increase your Capterra ROI

Capterra can deliver high-quality traffic, leads, pipeline, and revenue to fuel SaaS growth. As such, companies often allocate thousands of dollars (if not tens of thousands) in a marketing budget to Capterra each month. How are you making sure you are generating the maximum revenue possible from your Capterra spend? Are you sure that money is going as far as it can?

This post will cover three actionable tips to help you get the most out of this budget.

SaaS review sites such as Capterra are now a standard part of the SaaS discovery/decision-making process for many buyers, which, in turn, has made it a critical piece of the marketing and sales funnel for SaaS companies.

A 2017 Review Survey by BrightLocal found that “85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.”

CEB (now Gartner) found that “Customers are already 57% through the purchase process before they approach a supplier.”

Tip 1: Gather reviews – and lots of them

The first step in improving your ROI from Capterra is to gather as many reviews for your product as possible. Ideally, you should aim to have more reviews than every other company listed in your category (this is not a requirement, of course). As well as having many reviews, it’s important to be generating new reviews on a weekly basis (at a minimum).

A quick explanation of how Capterra works from a commercial perspective for those who are unaware (Please skip the points know already!):

Capterra charges SaaS vendors using a Pay Per Click (PPC) model for click throughs from their site.. You can tell who is paying for Capterra by the orange ‘Visit Website’ button next to their company name. If SaaS vendor has an orange ‘Visit Website’ button, they’re paying for Capterra. Otherwise, their Capterra listing will not have a link back to their product.

The default rankings in each category that buyers will see are based on the PPC bids, not reviews or good ratings. For example: Vendor A bids $18 per click-through from Capterra, while Vendor B bids $17. In their respective category listing, Vendor A will rank higher, regardless of the reviews of their product.

That said, having excellent reviews is the best way to get the most out of your Capterra spend.

I know what you’re thinking: “Why does it matter how many reviews I have? My PPC bid will ultimately determine my ranking. I can just rank number 1 if I pay for it. Reviews and 5-star ratings won’t make a difference.”

Why, then, does it matter if you have excellent reviews? Well, because customers aren’t idiots, that’s why. Just because you occupy the top spot doesn’t mean potential customers won’t do any further investigation. For example, a 4.5 star rating spread over 100 reviews will carry a lot more weight than a 4.5 star rating gleaned from 10 reviews, even if the company with 100 ranks lower on the list than the company with 10. A customer will look for that.

Here is a visual for your reference:

Furthermore, the more reviews that you have, the more likely a potential buyer is going to read a review from someone in the same role, and with the same responsibilities as them. This can have a meaningful impact on conversion.

Even when buyers are not logged into Capterra, they can see the following information about the reviewer (I have included a screenshot below):

Profile picture (I pixelated it for the purpose of this article)
First Name
Job Title
Company Industry and Size
How they have used the software for:

Slack reviews

Should a buyer log into Capterra, they have access to some extra information such as:

First and Last Name
Exact Company name

Buyers who read reviews from people that reflect their own professional position and responsibilities are more likely to continue through the buying journey and, ultimately, convert.

Finally, having a ton of reviews that accurately reflect your happy customers will benefit your prospects in their decision making process. The more information they can get from your customers through reviews, the easier their evaluation process will be. So, it is important to empower your potential customers and make sure your current customers are writing reviews that tell everyone just how great your company and your product are.

Even though we are one of the most reviewed SaaS products in all of legal tech, we still make sure our customers are leaving us new reviews on a regular basis, which is why Advocately has been such a huge benefit for us.

Derek Bolen, Customer Marketing at Clio.

Tip 2: Conversion Rate Optimization

When it comes to Capterra, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) occurs on both the Capterra side and once the visitors reach your site.

Let’s start with CRO once a lead hits your website. This may seem obvious to many of you reading this, however, the overwhelming majority of SaaS vendors investing heavily in Capterra have been sending the majority of clicks to the same landing pages for months and months with zero iteration.

For those SaaS vendors that invest thousands of dollars per month with Capterra – tens of thousands, in some cases – it’s critical to track every action a visitor takes. That includes the number of trial sign-ups, Intercom chats, Contact Us forms filled out, and requests for pricing, amongst other examples. When you are talking about thousands of dollars per month on PPC spend though Capterra, using this critical information to iterate and optimize the different experiences these visitors have on your site is a relatively cheap way to increase ROI.

So, what can you do on Capterra regarding CRO to maximize your ROI? Here is an example from an Advocately customer recently (company name is intentionally omitted for obvious reasons):

The Advocately Customer had previously bid to make sure they were always ranked first in their category. This was driving a lot of leads to their product. However, like most good things, it came to an end. Their competitors started investing more on Capterra, which drove up the PPC price.

They decided to run an experiment where they:

  • Used Advocately to make sure they had the highest number of reviews in their category with new reviews coming in every week
  • Reduced their PPC bid to maintain the 3rd place listing in their category (they would monitor the bids and make adjustments accordingly to maintain this position consistently)
  • Monitored standard CRO metrics.

The first things that had a noticeable increase were page-views per user and active time spent on site per user. There were fewer clicks (though not by much), the clicks they did get were a lower price (!) and the visitors stayed longer, were more active, and converted to leads at a higher rate. Unfortunately, I can’t go into any more specifics. Their thesis on why this successful outcome occurred is:

  • Buyers seeing the higher number of reviews were comfortable to pursue lower ranked vendors
  • Those buyers that investigate multiple vendors were more engaged in the buying process (not just window shopping)

Tip 3: Display your Capterra badges

Capterra offers a selection of well-designed badges for companies with great reviews. For example, the Capterra badges for “Highest Rated on Capterra” or “We’re 5-Star.”

These badges should be prominently displayed on your website and employees email signatures. After all, reviews work. They build trust. They show stability. They illustrate consistency. These badges are another great, visually appealing way of reinforcing all of those important aspects of word-of-mouth marketing.

From an ROI perspective, this is a great way to leverage your Capterra spend to convert organic traffic. For example, people who find your company directly from search, will hit your homepage, see the Capterra 5 star badge, and convert to a lead. You did the hard work to get the reviews, it’s important to leverage it wherever possible.

Here are some examples from Advocately Customers using their badges on their website:

TravelPerk badges

Capterra Badge


Logikcull reviews


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