I want reviews

A set-and-forget process for generating five-star reviews

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High frequency

Advocately helps accelerate the frequency at which you can generate reviews. New reviews should be written by your happy users every week.


75% of the reviews we generate come from the second and third follow up emails.

High conversion rate

20% to 55% conversion rate from asking for review to actually leaving a review.

Identify advocates

Advocately automatically identifies happy customers through NPS® surveys, product usage data or input from Customer Success team.

The ask

Advocately integrates directly with Gmail, so the requests for users feel hyper authentic (whilst automated). It looks as if someone from your team has sat at their computer and typed them an email asking for a review.

Performance tracking

Advocately continually crawls the major B2B review platforms and links any new reviews back to your users


If a review is left, we automatically remove them from the campaign. If no review is left, users are automatically sent follow up messages.